Richard Baldwyn ATT, CTA


Nobody likes paying too much tax, so I'll ensure you pay the least amount of tax within the law.

Remember if the bloke down the pub tells you about it and it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

I used to work for the taxman in London before seeing the light and turning away from the dark side. This means unlike most of our competitors I’ve gained a unique insight into the inner workings of a Tax Inspector’s mind and this will come in particularly handy should you ever have a tax enquiry.

I've achieved many positive results for clients over the years – such as:

  • Securing a tax deduction for a client's dental expenses (he's in the music business and I'm sure you'll have heard of him!) and obtaining tax relief in excess of £25,000 as a result
  • Restructuring a client's business and saving tax in excess of £125,000
  • Successfully defending a client's tax residence position from an HMRC challenge, resulting in a tax saving of over £50,000
  • Property tax planning which ensured a client realised tax-free capital gains of over £500,000 - meaning a tax saving of £200,000
  • Obtaining tax relief for a senior executive's legal expenses, resulting in a tax saving of over £200,000
  • Ensuring a client paid tax at only 10% on the sale of their French holiday home and saving tax of over £25,000 as a result
  • Winning a case against HMRC before the commissioners and saving a client tax of over £7,000

During my many years in practice I have dealt with all manner of clients from well-known entertainers and multi-million pound groups of companies to small businesses – including hotels, pubs, restaurants, dentists, doctors, solicitors, surveyors, retailers and even farmers.

I have considerable experience of different types of business structures including sole traders, LLP's, partnerships, owner managed limited companies either stand alone or in a group.

I’m heavily focused on tax planning as well as compliance and I’ll constantly work with you to ensure that your tax bill is kept to a minimum.  I have advised clients on a variety of matters, such as tax efficient remuneration strategies, employee share schemes, tax residence, choice of business structure, property tax planning (this list is not exhaustive..). 

As you can see from the above, in some cases the tax savings amount to six figures!

I also promise to speak to you in plain English without the jargon (something I learned from dealing with actors and pop stars for many years!).

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation
Member of the Association of Taxation Technicians

Outside of work: My favourite hobby is cycling as it keeps me fit and gets me away from my wife and children – a plan with no drawbacks!

But my real passion is music and I always amaze (or is it bore?!) everyone with the breadth of my knowledge!

Favourite film: It's a wonderful life - call me old fashioned but this always brings a lump to my throat

Favourite band: Queen (followed closely by the Eagles - how can you choose between them!)

If I was a fictional character I would be:  Jack Reacher - and no, we didn't name our son after him!