Samantha Steele IAB, AAT

Accounts Manager

Before joining the Friendly team in 2018, I worked in both industry and practice roles whilst gaining accounting qualifications from The Open University, IAB and AAT.

My enthusiasm for technology, and strong background in bookkeeping and VAT, helps me fully understand the foundations of our clients' accounts and how their businesses operate.

As an Accounts Manager, I prepare year end accounts and personal tax returns, and assist our clients with their accounting, software, and VAT queries.

Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians
Member of the International Association of Bookkeepers

Outside of work: I have a bubbly, energetic 7-year-old who loves exploring the world and keeping us occupied!

I also have a huge passion for music of all genres, from pop punk and emo, to reggae, indie, rock, and drum & base. 

Favourite band: Fall Out Boy, ‘From Under the Cork Tree’ is my favourite era although anything pre-hiatus has my heart!

Favourite actor: Steve Martin (so much nostalgia!) although I do love a female icon like Marilyn Monroe, Gillian Anderson or Lady Gaga.

Favourite food: Steak, although a very close second would be dauphinoise potatoes!