The benefits of a digital nomad visa

A digital nomad visa for UK nationals allows them to live in one country whilst working for or running their UK business remotely. Because we've discussed the UK tax aspects previously, we're following up with the practical aspects, to help you avoid any issues in the country you've chosen to work in. What's more this is something we're considering applying for ourselves.

Digital nomad visas for UK nationals

Why obtain a digital nomad visa?

For UK nationals who wish to work remotely and travel whilst they earn, a digital nomad visa offers a number of benefits:

  • You can explore new countries whilst working
  • The hassle and limitations of a tourist visa can be avoided
  • You can immerse yourself in different cultures and lifestyles
  • It's easier to obtain access to local service and open an overseas bank account.

Digital nomad visas for UK nationals are designed for people who work online and so want to avoid the restrictions of a tourist visa. This usually only permits a limited stay in your chosen country.

Digital nomad visa v traditional work visa

Because a digital nomad visa applies specifically to someone who works remotely there is no requirement to be employed by a local company. So it's ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs (e.g. E-commerce) or employees of foreign companies. What's more, it may be your own company which has a base in the UK. 

However, a traditional work visa usually requires sponsorship from a local employer. Therefore you'd also need to work for a company based in the country which is issuing the visa.

Eligibility criteria for a digital nomad visa

Firstly, you must be able to prove that you work remotely. So, if you can produce a copy of your employment contract or client agreements this should be sufficient evidence. Because you're a remote worker, it's necessary to provide some proof of stable income that fulfils the minimum requirement for the destination country you have chosen.

Secondly, as a UK citizen you'll also need to possess a valid UK passport, have health insurance which covering treatment in the countries you will be staying in and have a clean criminal record.

The application process

Digital nomad visas for UK nationals follow the same step-by-step procedure:

  • Firstly you'd choose your destination country and review their specific visa requirements
  • Secondly, you need to gather the necessary documents (proof of remote work, financial statements, insurance etc).
  • Next you'll need to complete the application form on the relevant country's immigration website.
  • Following completion of the application, you'll need to submit the application with supporting documentation and pay the appropriate visa fees.
  • Finally, you'll need to wait for approval which can take anything from a few weeks to several months.

Financial considerations

When you work remotely overseas, there's also the financial aspect to consider. Primarily you'll need to consider your tax residence status alongside HMRC's statutory residence test.  Equally important will be whether you have any tax liability in your destination country.

Because you'll need to manage your finances whilst outside the UK it's useful to have an international bank account. Equally important is having access to a multi currency account which helps you take advantage of exchange rates. Particularly where bank transfers are received and payments are being made.

Additionally, you should budget for relocation costs (e.g. travel) as well as ongoing living expenses (rent, food etc). What's more. you should set aside an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

Life as a digital nomad

Adjusting to a new country and culture

Firstly familiarise yourself with local customs and societal norms. This will help you fit in and avoid any misunderstandings. Next, you should learn a few basic phrases in the local language as this helps with daily interactions. Also, immerse yourself in local activities and try local cuisine. This will help gain deeper appreciation of the local culture. Additionally, be patient and open minded as you discover new cultural differences and environments.

Building a remote work routine

Start by setting up a dedicated workspace that minimises distractions. This will help maintain productivity. Then establish a consistent schedule that aligns with your most productive hours taking into account time zone differences. Additionally, use tools and apps to manage your tasks and maintain effective communication with your team. Furthermore, take regular breaks to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Lastly, set clear boundaries between work and personal time to maintain your focus and relaxation.

Networking with other digital nomads

Initially we suggest joining online communities and forums for digital nomads. These will provide a platform for shared experiences. Then, attend local meetups and co-working spaces to meet like-minded individuals. Additionally, participate in social events and workshops to increase your network and gain new insights. Furthermore, consider collaborating on projects alongside other digital nomads to build professional relationships. Lastly, stay active on social media to maintain connections and discover new opportunities within the digital nomad community.


To recap, obtaining a digital nomad visa offers flexibility and the freedom to work from beautiful locations. Additionally it provides opportunities to immerse in diverse cultures and expand your professional network.

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