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Accountants for contractors and freelancers

If you're new to contracting or freelancing you may need guidance on the best structure for your business. This could be either as a sole trader, partnership or limited company. This is particularly important where you want to remain as tax efficient as possible. We have a dedicated team of specialist accountants for contractors and freelancers. We're ex HM Revenue and belong to the UK's number one accountancy and tax professional bodies. So we're ideally placed to provide you with timely and valuable advice.

If you decide to trade as a limited company you'll have various obligations with Companies House and HM Revenue. There can be hefty fines and penalties for mistakes or non-compliance. This is why we work alongside you to ensure you always keep abreast of any deadlines. Because we always deliver timely advice and guidance this ensures our contractor and freelance clients stay on track.

Amina Adewusi

'Cannot recommend Richard and Lesley more highly. They have provided me prompt and professional services for my limited company. I had previously used a cheaper accounting company, but quickly switched to the Friendly Accountants after experiencing poor customer service. I am very happy with the service I receive now and I think it's very good value for money. They always go above and beyond in any request I send them. Thank you very much Richard and Lesley!'

Accountants for contractors and freelancers

FreeAgent Online Software for contractors and freelancers

You don't want to spend ages doing your bookkeeping nor do you want to retrain to become an accountant either!  Therefore all of our contractor and freelancer clients get access to FreeAgent. We've been supporting our clients on this software for years. This means we're expert, accredited Gold Partner FreeAgent accountants, who are on hand to give you all the support you need.

So what is FreeAgent?

Well, FreeAgent is a cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software which makes financial management quick and easy. You can manage expenses, create invoices and keep track of cash flow. Plus you can automate many financial tasks to stay in full control.

Bank transactions are brought in seamlessly and easy to reconcile.  Invoices are easy to create and send to customers.  You can even file your VAT return with HMRC directly from the software.

Watch the video above to find out how FreeAgent can help your business.

Our clients love FreeAgent and we understand why - for contractors and freelancers there aren't any better systems!

We also offer FreeAgent as an optional extra to our sole trader clients - helping them keep their books and records up to date in a seamless, easy manner.

Our firm uses modern technology - Google Meet, Skype, TeamViewer, JoinMe. This provides our clients with the best support they can get without the hassle of a face to face meeting. So we're able to work with you wherever you are. We've been supporting our clients remotely for years and their based all over the UK and overseas - all the way from Australia to the USA!

And if you'd like to know how we can help you with all of this, or with anything else, feel free to give us a call on 01202 048696 or email us at [email protected].

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