Has your copy got the nod factor?

I read an article the other day talking about the “Nod Factor”.

Put simply, it's a measure of good copy - something you really should master.

The trick is to say something at the start that people cannot disagree with.

Something unquestionably true.

That gets your first nod.

Then say something else they find it hard to disagree with. That gets you your second.

Then go for a third.

The next thing might be something they wouldn't have agreed with at the start.

But once you've got people to agree to a series of things that are true, they tend to trust you.

They carry on agreeing.

Your aim should be to get your prospect nodding away all the way to the order form.

Once you've cracked that, you're on your way to writing some powerful copy.

And it's a simple tip - but one which is so very rarely put into practice!

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