How one picture doubled sales

I wrote in another blog about how one word doubled the amount of sales of shampoo.

In this blog I'm going to tell you about a picture that had exactly the same effect.

​And, again, this may be marketing folklore but I really hope it's true!

This time the story involves toothpaste.

Apparently you only need a pea sized amount of toothpaste ​for effective brushing - and that's certainly the amount recommended on children's toothpaste.

And in the old days, it seems most people were told only to use a small amount.  And toothpaste packaging was mostly a box with writing on it.

However one toothpaste company decided to break the mould.  They decided to show a toothbrush on their packaging - and they decided the toothbrush would have toothpaste squeezed liberally along the length of the brush.

Nothing else changed - just the picture.  A picture which showed far more toothpaste being used than was needed.

And I'm not sure, but the packaging may still have advised a pea-sized amount.​

However, people took more notice of the picture than the words.

And sales increased.

It just shows ​the power of pictures.  So have a think about how you could use pictures in your marketing.

Spread the word!

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