Our Successes

We're very proud of our successes for clients so we thought we'd share a few of them here - and remember, these are only a few!

  • Successfully negotiating a £400k VAT penalty to nil with no interest charged
  • Obtaining an HMRC advance assurance and saving a client in excess of £250K in taxes
  • Saving a client tax over £55K on the sale of a residential property
  • Closing an HMRC enquiry with no penalties or interest and securing a tax repayment of over £47K

And we've helped many clients navigate through the stress of bad accountants - so we thought we'd share a few of those with you too!

Re-doing company accounts

Re-doing company accounts (again – for different reasons!!)

And yet another set of accounts that needed re-doing

Crypto wrongly classified

Monthly payroll RTI not filed by old accountant

Monthly payroll RTI not filed by new accountant

Are we scare mongering? Well, yes and no. The above examples aren’t unique by any stretch of the imagination. On average, about 50% of the clients we take on have issues with their previous accountants – from income being wrongly classified as stock (errr – really?) to the wrong tax treatment of a car purchase.

Will this come back and bite the client in the proverbial? In some cases, probably not. But the clients who come to us want to sleep soundly at night – and we help them do that (and if we can save them tax along the way – everyone’s happy 😊😍)!! 

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