We're all human and we all know what we should do, but how often do we actually do the right thing?

This is an offer that you shouldn’t refuse and I racked my brains hard to think of excuses people would give for not doing the right thing and this is what I came up with (just click on the heading for further details)…

This offer is too good to be true

I don't think I'll get my money back if I decide not to go ahead

My accountant will be upset if I switch

I'm completely happy with my accountant

I'm too busy to think about this right now

I have a bookkeeper to do all this

Changing bookkeeping systems is really difficult

There are cheaper online providers I could choose

I love what you're offering but I can't afford your fees

My  accountant is my brother-in-law

Hopefully you're now ready to give it a go!

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