FreeAgent Accountants

freeagent accountants

You don't want to spend hours doing your bookkeeping each month. And you certainly don't want to become an accountant!  So we offer our clients access to FreeAgent.  And as we're expert, accredited FreeAgent accountants, we're perfectly placed to give you the support and help you need.

FreeAgent Accountants - Online Accounting Software For Small Businesses and Contractors

So what is FreeAgent?

Well, FreeAgent is an online accounting and bookkeeping suite which makes financial management fast and easy. You can manage expenses, create invoices, keep track of cash flow and automate many financial tasks to stay in full control with ease.

Bank transactions are brought in seamlessly and easy to reconcile.  Invoices are easy to create and send to customers.  You can even file your VAT return with HMRC directly from the software.

Watch the video above to find out how FreeAgent can help your business.

Our clients love FreeAgent and we understand why - for small businesses there aren't any better systems!

We’re accredited FreeAgent accountants and we offer FreeAgent as an optional free extra for our limited company clients - this usually costs up to £29 per month if bought separately.

And we also offer FreeAgent as an optional extra to our sole trader clients - helping them keep their books and records up to date in a seamless, easy manner.

By using an online bookkeeping system, we can log in and help you at any time - as well as helping you keep an eye on the numbers.

We also use technology to help us work with you wherever you are.  So if you're in Lands End or John O'Groats - we can provide quick, personal support.

No central support numbers or emails to worry about - when you phone for help you'll get straight through to one of us.

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