A funny video with a serious point…

This clip of Danny Bhoy is both funny and relevant...

The business relevant points start at 5.37 - but if you have time, watch the whole clip - it's well worth it, I promise!​

So what's the lesson?

Well, somewhere along the line someone said "Always find out how your customers heard of you".  So now everyone does.  Without thinking.

An example?

Well I'm on someone's email list and they sent an offer for some books the other day.  It looked good so I clicked and purchased.  And what did they ask me?

"How did you hear about us?"

So I put the first item on the list.

So how good will this data be for them?  Pretty crap I'd say.

And there's a more general point to be made.

You always need to think about how your customer views your processes.  And if they don't make sense to your customer, you need to re-think your processes!

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