How to get away with murder…

I heard a great joke the other day which is really relevant for your business...

The accused sat terrified in the prisoner’s box awaiting the magistrate’s verdict...

"Guilty as charged! Sentenced to hang by the neck until dead!"

The condemned was the town cobbler, who days earlier in a fit of blind rage had brutally bludgeoned one of his customers to death (we all know that feeling don't we?!).

Normally a hanging was cause for celebration...

...But there was no cheering from the townspeople today.

One townsman, in fact, mustered some courage and stood up to address the court.

"If Your Honor pleases, you have sentenced to death the town cobbler!

"He's the only one we've got. If you hang him, who will mend our shoes?"

Presently, the whole room came alive with chants for the cobbler's release.

After restoring order in the court, the magistrate thought for a while, nodded in agreement, and overturned his own verdict.

"What you say is true", he said.

"Since we have only one cobbler it would be a great wrong against the people to let him die. As there are two haberdashers in the town, let one of them be hanged instead!"

So which are you? The cobbler or the haberdasher?

You need to make sure your business is positioned to be so unique and desirable that, even if you mess up, you'll still be valued by your customers.

Don't think that's true? Think of Apple. They've created a brand that's so desirable that they can release products with massive flaws and yet they're still desired and valued by their followers.

And let's face it, Apple's products aren't even unique any more!

So think about your business, and what about it you can use to differentiate it from your competitors.

We do that by offering all clients access to the Business Growth System as well as streamlining all our processes to provide a simpler, quicker solution for our clients.

So if you'd like an accountant who's a cobbler rather than a haberdasher, just drop me an email with the subject 'Cobblers'.

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Why Friendly

The Friendly Accountants are Alternative Accountants. Unlike traditional accountants, we look forward - not back.

We work with small businesses and contractors/freelancers who want to embrace the world of online software and the benefits this brings.

So if you'd like to find out more, just give a call or drop us an email - no hard sell.

Just friendly, professional advice!

Who we are

We're a husband and wife team with over 50 years experience of working with small businesses.

So we're in a unique position to understand the challenges that you face every day in your business.

And what's more, we're fully professionally qualified so you can be sure that your affairs are in safe hands.

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