Do you give enough thought to your ‘door jam’ strategy?

Richard and I have been re-visiting episodes of Frasier and recently watched the episode 'Door jam' where Frasier, accidentally receives an invitation to a new and exclusive health spa.

So he and his brother Niles rush off to this elite establishment.

After wrangling their way in, they're more than happy with the excellent (although thoroughly expensive) service they receive.

Until, that is, they discover the 'gold' door - an even more exclusive membership which they don't have access to.

 So now they're no longer enjoying the pampering quite so much, because all they can think of is how to get through the 'gold' door.

And, eventually, they manage to call in a favour and are admitted to the even more exclusive gold area.

But, you guessed it, once they're in the 'gold' area they discover ​a 'platinum' door and, yet again, can't rest until they go through it.  And once there they discover - no, I won't spoil it for you...

But this got me thinking.  Whilst Frasier and Niles are complete and utter snobs, (well the TV comedy hinges on this!), most of us have similar personality traits - a desire for exclusivity and being made to feel special.

So what do you do to make your customers feel special?  How do you give them the feeling of exclusivity?

It doesn't need to cost the earth.  Because if you can make your customers feel special, chances are you'll keep them longer and manage to sell to them more.  It's a two way street which benefits them and your business.

By the way, if you want to watch the episode (and as a Frasier lover I really hope you do) it's Season 10 Episode 11.

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